Our Mission

  • Preserve the charm and character of Old Naples
  • Maintain the integrity of our neighborhood
  • Promote the best interests of our residents.

To meet our mission, ONA:

  • Develops and proposes actions and programs to the City government that enhance the quality of life and environment in Old Naples and the City in general
  • Monitors issues and proposals that are working their way on to the agendas of the City Council, the City Manager and other agencies and injects Old Naples’ positions into those pending decisions
  • Provides a website with up-to-date news & views, calendar of events and easy access to other sites of interest to members
  • Provides information and alerts to ONA members concerning upcoming City actions, progress on ONA initiatives and potential challenges to Old Naples
  • Creates social opportunities for ONA members.
  • Works with other Naples property owner associations and the Naples Bay Alliance to develop and pursue positions of common interest.
  • Supports restaurants and other businesses in Old Naples through the Residential Club Card (RCC) discount program.


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