Emergency Preparedness – CodeRED System

The purpose of this message is to remind Naples citizens and businesses that the hurricane season begins on June 1st.  Now is the time to think about hurricane preparedness.
One of the most essential elements of preparedness is communication.  Your City has one of the most effective means of communicating emergency messages.  The system is called CodeRED. The system allows time-sensitive emergency telephonic communications through a robust dialing infrastructure.  An emergency message, typically 60 seconds or less, can be sent to thousands of people in a few minutes.  Messages will be sent when evacuations are recommended, when citizens may return to the city following a hurricane event, or when there is a need to inform citizens of other emergency situations.
CodeRED will only benefit you if the system has your contact information.  To reach you, CodeRED must have your telephone numbers.  While CodeRED’s existing database of phone numbers should include all land-line based residential phone numbers, the database may not include mobile, business, internet protocol (IP) and “seasonal” phone numbers unless previously registered by you on the City’s website.  These additional numbers are important, especially if you are not always at your Naples home or business, and when you evacuate the area during a hurricane event and must rely on your mobile phone for communication.
We recommend that all City of Naples citizens and businesses register their land-line, mobile, IP, and business phone numbers through the City’s web site by clicking this link: https://www.naplesgov.com/citymanager/page/code-red  You will be able to register any phone number that may be required to reach you and members of your family.  If you have previously registered your phone numbers, there is no need to register again.
Should you misplace the above link, you may access CodeRED on the home page of the City’s web site www.naplesgov.com.  On the home page, click the small red square located at the lower right side of the page (see attachment). For those who may require assistance or who may not have internet access, please contact Stephanie Bleau at 239-213-1000 or by email sbleau@naplesgov.com.  
It is also recommended that you take a few moments to think about other hurricane preparedness matters.  A reliable source of information can be obtained from Collier County Emergency Management. 
The link to access the Collier County All Hazards Guide is:    http://www.colliergov.net/home/showdocument?id=48812
We recommend that citizens stay tuned to local news media as tropical systems develop.
Please share this information with homeowner association members, business associates, and friends.
Thank you,
Bill Moss
City Manager
City of Naples
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