MISSION – The Old Naples Association (ONA) is dedicated to preserving the distinctive charm, culture, and character of our quaint community. Our core vision is to maintain those features that make Old Naples unique and gives its residents and visitors a seldom matched small town atmosphere with an exceptional quality of life.

The ONA Board of Directors encourages all Naples citizens to read “Preserving Naples,” a vision plan approved by the city council in 2007 to keep the best of the past while building a better community for the future. Click here to view the “Preserving Naples” vision plan.

Although ONA addresses many issues that impact our community, our three primary initiatives are safety and noise, air traffic, and city planning and growth. These three initiatives, explained below, go hand in hand with the goals of the Blue Zones project.

ONA works at ways for our city to lessen excessive amounts of noise from a variety of sources that disrupt our neighborhoods and places of interest for residents and visitors. A current ONA effort is developing coalitions of homeowners associations and citizens to influence the city council to change the code to require vacuums be used rather than leaf blowers, or to require leaf blowers that operate at a lower decibel level. ONA would also like to see an adjustment in the starting and ending times that lawn service and landscaping companies can work each day.

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The city’s plan entitled “Preserving Naples” emphasizes controlled growth of our city. Many people in our community believe what is currently happening within our city looks a lot like uncontrolled growth. ONA strives to serve as a respected information resource to the public regarding known or potential development activity in Naples. We also monitor requests for ordinance variances that may adversely impact this special city of ours. We work to better understand city procedures and processes used when there are ordinance reviews and enforcement issues.  We review meeting agendas and attend meetings of the design review board, the planning advisory board, and city council where a variance from ordinance or a new or re-development is being considered that may negatively impact our community.

This community based initiative is offered by Naples Community Hospitals (NCH) to help communities improve the health and well-being of people throughout Collier County.  ONA supports this concept and wants to take an active role in changing the dynamics of well-being in favor of greater health, happiness, and longevity for our citizens.  This project can greatly help create and maintain an exceptional quality of life for Naples residents.  When we think of the science of well-being, we recognize a sense of purpose, social relationships, connection to community, physical health, and many other elements that can be measured and acted upon for each individual.

This long-term project focuses on permanent environmental and city policy changes that will make the best choice the easiest choice, not only as it relates to physical health but social and emotional factors that comprise our well-being.  For example, rather than simply asking residents to walk or bike more, the city will work toward designing roads and sidewalks to make walking and biking easier and more desirable than driving.

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