One of the benefits of Membership in the Old Naples Association is being able to receive a Resident Club Card (RCC). The RCC program supports the commercial business and services offered by our local merchants.

How do you get a RCC card? Join the ONA!RCC_2014_card

Residents who reside within the city limits of Old Naples are eligible to join.  Go to our membership page and join or renew by simple filling out our application.

Each household in entitled to one card per membership.  An additional card can be purchased for an additional $10.

Use your card at a participating Old Naples restaurant or merchant.  Simply present the card at the end of the meal or when paying for your merchandise.

Click here to review the discounts and benefits offered by our partners.  Check the list often as discounts and benefits change.

Dining and Shopping Locally Helps Keep Old Naples Vibrant

This weekend as you decide where to go for lunch or dinner and to shop, why not select an Old Naples favorite? The Old Naples Association is a strong supporter of the healthy and prosperous busy community that lies in the heart of Old Naples.  We encourage our members to consider dining and shopping at our local businesses in our neighborhood. By supporting our Old Naples businesses we will be able to ensure that that we maintain the excellent level of choice and quality available to us just around the corner.

So go out and don’t forget your RCC card!

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