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The Old Naples Association (ONA) is a nonprofit 501(c)4 civics organization dedicated to preserving the small-town character, charm and quality of life in Old Naples. Established in 1978, ONA currently represents the residents and residential single and multifamily property owners in the Old Naples neighborhood. This neighborhood includes the original Old Naples area from South Golf Drive down to 14th Avenue South, as well as Naples Square, Mangrove Bay, Bayfront and River Point. See Old Naples Boundaries for a map. 

ONA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of Old Naples resident members of the association, appointed by the Board for 3 year terms. Officers are appointed from the Board for one year terms. The President of ONA is a member of the Presidents Council, an association of home-owner associations convened by the City Manager each month to discuss citywide issues.

ONA allows Old Naples residents to become voting members (Members), and anyone living outside of Old Naples to become nonvoting members (Associates) who otherwise enjoy all the privileges of membership. Members and Associates have access to our Bylaws and meeting minutes on the Members Only page, as well as to our social events, issues meetings and other member benefits.

ONA is entirely staffed by volunteers like you! Please consider joining in and helping to maintain our beautiful neighborhood. We do accept donations, although as a 501c4 organization such donations are not tax deductible.

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